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To become a member of The Kuk·Sool Global Alliance, all that’s required is to be in business as a martial art school, to have it’s teachings grounded in the martial art of Kuk-Sool, and to agree to participate in the transfer of students with other affiliates in the Alliance. Student transfers will be based on knowledge of skill sets rather than rank, as abiding by a standardized curriculum for rank placement will not be deemed mandatory. The Alliance will not issue certificates of any kind but will merely act as a network of affiliated businesses that will readily acknowledge the efforts of individuals to progress in the art of Kuk·Sool, despite needing to move from where they were located when initially starting to learn this martial art. This should contribute to the appeal perceived by any students or potential students (i.e. the clients of the affiliated martial art schools) so that said students may find these businesses more desirable, as opposed to others which may lack such an affiliation and may not recognize all the hard work which they have already invested in learning Kuk·Sool.

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** Auxiliary Membership does not require a school name, address, or phone but providing such information if you do operate a trainaing facility would be greatly appreciated. Leaving those fields blank in the form above will function ONLY if also checking the Auxiliary Member option. Auxiliary Members are required to have a minimum of 10 years consistent training in Kuk·Sool.

The Kuk-Sool Global Alliance hopes to provide a way for the various martial art schools left in this unpleasant predicament, to band together in a loosely affiliated manner which will still honor the transfer of students amongst themselves, should the need ever arise. In this regard, a list of participating schools is necessary, as well as a website which the public can access, where they can view this list of the affiliated martial art schools.

It is the belief of The Kuk-Sool Global Alliance that any martial art school owner who wants to retain affiliation with the other schools, yet sever the connection to the original organization, should have the option to do so. Also, membership in our alliance is not restricted solely to martial art schools abandoning an organization that wishes to issue unfair edicts on its member schools. We will accept any martial art school willing to partake in the transfer of students and that embraces the philosophy and art of Kuk-Sool.

Our membership drive is currently being concentrated on schools located in the United States, but an alternate enrollment form for schools located elsewhere is now available. If you are interested in joining the Alliance and are located outside the USA, please click on the globe below (you shouldn't be able to see North America on it).

Our present enrollment has not yet exceeded the predetermined minimum for displaying information about our various members. Until this minimum is met, the page on our website designated for showing the list of our members, will default to the current Home Page. Once our list of affiliated martial art schools has grown to ten or more, the Home Page will be swapped out to reveal the information provided by our members. In the meantime, here is some information about our current enrollment:

Number of Inquiries: 9
Amount Enrolled: 6

Read through our pages to learn about the various benefits we have to offer and more importantly, enabling your student's ability to transfer to another affiliated school. We can help you with this by using an efficient yet simple method as part of enrolling in our alliance. So, take charge of your business and build a better future that you can depend on.

So, take charge of your martial art business and build a better future that you can depend on!

Come join us, especially if you feel the time is right to be part of a politics-free organization like The Kuk·Sool Global Alliance.

For more information about the Alliance, click here, or on the globe to the right.

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