Master Larry White...

My Teacher passed-away today.

Master Larry White, has been my Martial Arts Teacher for 27 years. Since the day I first met him, he became my surrogate father. A father of life, direction, discipline, mentorship, respect, and love. If I think back to memories of my biological father; I recall learning how to be afraid.
If you were to ask me the one primary thing I ever learned from Master White - it was how NOT to be afraid. That translates to; courage.  Courage in facing those fears. Courage in making those tough decisions. Courage in all that we do.

All of my adult accomplishments are credited to Master White. All of my failures, were from not hearing. I may have been listening, but I was not hearing.

I have a lifetime of stories and experiences with Master White. Many; I will share with students of past, and close friends and family. Some; will be for me, and only me.

He is my Teacher. You see, there is no "was", when it comes to teachers and students. The teaching is with you - forever. When I train with my big-brother, Master Tommy - his teaching is present. When I train with my wife, KJN Susan - his teaching is present. When I train with Master Sims - his teaching is present....when I look into the mirror - his teaching is present. That, is legacy coming full-circle.

I have never seen a tougher man than Master White...and his last years on this planet were a true testament to that. I don't know anyone who could have fought that battle as he did. That - is the embodiment of courage.

Miss Mary White; I am so sorry for your loss.
To all of Master White's family - I am so sorry for your loss.
To all of Master White's students and friends - I am so sorry for your loss.

Celebrate him, for he is deserving of such celebration. Include him in your prayers and meditations, for he has reached enlightenment and it is fitting for all others to include those who are enlightened in our daily lives.
Share his stories with reverence and with the passion of a Viking story-teller...and embrace his wisdom; for we received pearls. Realize and pay homage, for he is deserving.

Lest we forget. Master Larry White, is a Veteran.
I thank you sir, for your service to our Country.

His path is now free of obstruction. He is free of pain and suffering. He fought a noble and courageous fight. His Ki returns to the Earth and to the universe.
...and now, he does not walk amongst giants...the giants walk amongst him.

He is my teacher. I am sad. I miss him.
I will share my stories and I will pay homage.
But, I know anytime I want to see him, I just need to look in the mirror.




One day, I will catch-up sir, and I will be ready for my next lesson.